Black Eyed Children

Beware of the Black-Eyed children

They may seem innocent enough, but they are quite deceptive in their motives. They are known as Black-eyed children. These children between the ages of 8 to 16 appear somewhat normal – until further seeing that they are actually quite different. Their eyes are pitch-black and their skin is pale or pasty colored, described as looking plastic or artificial.
Whatever you do, don’t let these unusual children into your home, as it may be your last breath taken in this world. Their mannerisms are rather odd; almost as if they are under control by someone or something else. Most of the encounters with these children are described as surreal; they are dressed in attire which varies including blue jeans with a hood or old-fashioned, handmade type clothing. Some rather odd occurrences seem to happen also including electrical phenomena, this includes things like garage doors opening, lights flickering and cell phones suddenly going out.
A paranormal investigator and author named David Weatherly believes these are in fact real. The same recurring theme keeps happening; these children want to come inside your home, car windows, or hotel room.
These visitations are very forceful and they seem to stop at nothing to get you alone with them. David has written a book simply titled: “Black Eyed Children”. Events and reports of these young children have been occurring around the world. Sometimes these children travel in groups.They knock on doors and tap on windows, asking to be let in. Witnesses have reported that these bizarre children seem to speak with a demanding tone of persistence. Phrases such as: “Let us in. We won’t hurt you. This won’t take long.” are often muttered.
The following are sample events which have occurred:
“A man named Paul was home alone when someone knocked on this door. He opened it and saw two kids about 10 years old standing on his steps with their heads down. They said, “Hey, we just thought we’d stop in for a bit.” The kids insisted they be let into the house. Thinking they had the wrong house, Paul stepped forward to get a better look and made eye contact. Their eyes were solid black, including the sclera”.
“When a man in Dallas arrived home, he saw a boy at his door who repeated “I think its food time. You should invite me inside.” The man’s protective pit bull came running toward the front door, but as it got closer to the boy, it whimpered and ran away, hiding under the bed for days afterward”.
“Around 10:45 on a warm night, as 18-year-old Carris Holdsworth approached her apartment in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, she saw two teenagers in hoodies and jeans standing in her yard with their backs to her. As she attempted to slip away unseen, she fumbled in her purse for pepper spray. At that very moment, the boys turned to face her and, as if reading her mind, one said, “No need for that, we just want to borrow your phone, miss.”
When she caught a glimpse of their pitch black eyes, not a trace of white or a pupil, she panicked and raced to her apartment, locking the door behind her. The boys following close behind knocked on her door. She ignored it. After a second knock, fearing for her safety she phoned a friend to come over. When the friend arrived, the boys ran away”.
These rather unusual children could possibly be aliens of some sort or perhaps part alien and human. Another theory is they are possessed by the demons or the devil itself. Another guess is these are angels of death roaming around to end lives. Is it a sign of the apocalypse?
(Black-Eyed Children, don’t invite them into your home)
Encounters with the black eyed children
Black-Eyed children entered my home