While At The Library, Something Strange Happened To My Dad And Brother

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Sometimes things happen which seem out of the ordinary. They simply cannot be explained and happen for one reason or another. One person decided to share their brief story online, detailing a rather bizarre experience.

His great grandfather from his father’s side of the family, was quite a badass according to them. His grandpa fought during World War II during Operation Overlord or “D-Day”. Troops invaded five separate beachheads at Normandy, France back during June 6, 1944. It was the Allied invasion time period of western Europe, involving U.S., British, and Canadian forces. 

This was one tough man as he was later dragged away to a German prisoner of war (POW) camp. He was then pronounced dead at the scene when his dog tags were found within a puddle of blood. The man explained that his great grandmother kept insisting that her husband was still alive, he was out there somewhere and she felt it. After time had passed by, the prison camp was liberated and his grandfather returned home with the distinguished purple heart award.

His grandfather had a big family and was an all around great man. He passed away 10 years later. Obviously, everyone in the family was saddened, but were proud of him and missed him dearly. 

The man explained that his brother is a member of the boy scouts of America and his father is their troop leader. One day as they went to their local library, both of them were working on getting a badge made up. While on this very tour, the librarian went over towards the genealogy part of the library. This area is pretty good sized with multiple rows of numerous files in old metal drawers. 

She then explained how each of these drawers had things in them such as newspaper articles and the death records of past history dating back to the 1800’s. The librarian then randomly began to open up one of the drawers and then pulled out a single file.

His brother then said, “That has my grandpa’s name on it.” 

The file was labeled with their grandfather’s name along with a date. The librarian was shocked as they opened up a newspaper article of when their grandfather had died. Not only was there information about D-Day but there was a bit about both him and their grandmother. Neither of them ever knew this article even existed before that day. Both his father and brother were thoroughly freaked out a bit over it. 

While At The Library Something Strange Happened To My Dad And Brother

It almost seemed like their spirits were trying to contact them somehow and some way. The man said that there was “NO WAY” that woman could have known. Neither of them gave their name at first and this just randomly happened. Was this some kind of weird coincidence, or something else?

(Source: Reddit)

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