Strange sea creature spotted in Long Island

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Often things appear which simply cannot be explained. Perhaps it was something just passing by someones sight and they thought it was something else entirely. Recently in Long Island on Thursday, a couple spotted what they call a big “serpent-like creature”. It was January 22nd and happened in the afternoon. While conditions can always play a factor in what someone might have seen, it was clear enough this day.

They noticed something moving in the water. It was 20 feet way from their estimation so, they were able to see some details of what it may have been. The man, a former correctional officer supervisor requested to remain anonymous for fear of being ridiculed. This is what he had to say:

“The weather was clear. Our pier is 75 feet and the serpent creature was 20 feet from it. It was moving fast through the water,” he said. “I put my binoculars on it for a better look, it was like a huge moray eel.”

“I know all fish, birds… the bay has moray eels but not that big. I have never seen anything like it in the water here,” he explained.

This mysterious creature was estimated to be 10 feet long, it had a smooth brown colored body and three different humps on its back. Each hump was about a foot apart from the other. There were no signs of scales; the skin was smooth in appearance. While this happened unfortunately no cameras were available as they were “caught off guard”. So, we simply cannot see for ourselves. However, they mentioned that this sighting lasted for several minutes.


There have been rumors of a “serpent-like” creature in these parts for some seventeen years. Great South Bay is actually a lagoon. It is located between Long Island and Fire Island, in the State of New York. It is approximately 45 miles long. The area is populated with mollusks and fin fish. While this is an exciting discovery, not long ago an actual Kraken was found to be real. A Kraken was first discovered off the coast of Norway and believed to be a large squid mythical sea monster.

People have been searching for giant sea monsters for hundreds of years, literally. Perhaps this is another species which has been discovered as well.


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