UFOs spotted during live Oregon news broadcast

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While viewers from Oregon were watching one of their favorite news programs, they noticed something rather unusual behind the news desk, where the broadcasters were seated. It seems that some UFO activity, was happening right behind them live, during a broadcast with morning news anchor Ken Boddie. It happened between a weather and traffic report segment.

UFOs spotted during live news broadcast

It is quite compelling to see this, as viewers were amazed at these objects hovering through the night sky. Comments were made, mentioning that this was nothing more than reflective high beams, made from moving vehicles along the road. While anything is possible, these objects look rather distinctive as they pass by, seen on camera. After this, people are wondering if we are already being visited by otherworldly visitors.

The news team continue to talk amongst themselves during the broadcast, as nobody mentioned anything to them from the crew. Done intentionally no doubt, to prevent panic and confusion. From first glance, there appears to be two UFOs flying through the sky.

UFO spotted during live news broadcast

They are moving quite fast it seems and after a moment, they appear to change direction on the fly, veering off way into the distance. This news clip, was uploaded on YouTube and received quite a bit of attention on The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 channel, now reaching near 222,000 views.

Viewers commented: “That was a good one. They are showing up on the news cameras now as well.” “Awesome video and news broadcast. Couldn’t have been more real.” “What will the critics say, that it was a lens flair? I don’t think so. That was the real deal.”

A few other profound comments made were: “If this were a reflected car headlight as is being suggested, why aren’t there more of them? There are several cars moving about below; wouldn’t they all be reflected above? Wouldn’t there be a steady stream of such reflections?”

“Too bad the liars, agents debunkers couldn’t use the comets or fireball excuse, Comets and fireballs, don’t change directions in mid air, and fly upwards, It was definitely an alien spacecraft.”

It seems now impossible, for the government to continue trying to cover up any and all UFO and alien activity happening on Earth. The general public, wants answers and are growing tired of all the runarounds of officials denying such evidence. It is also believed, that many naysayers on forums are commenting to spread doubt about these UFOs seen.

CBS news station KOIN 6 is located in Portland, Oregon. No official comments have been made by the news station yet, regarding the UFOs captured on camera.

(Source: Daily Star UK)

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