Woman Sleeps Next To Her Dead Husband For Over A Year

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A grieving woman couldn’t bare to let her husband go literally. She kept his corpse in her bed for over a year, as she wept in sadness. Although people can grieve in different ways, sometimes they can become quite unhealthy and emotionally disturbed. The mummified remains of Marcel H. age 79, laid undiscovered inside of a Brussels apartment.

Marcel apparently died from an asthma attack, leaving behind his darling 69 year old wife. Her identity isn’t known but she insisted upon sleeping next to her husband over the course of a year. Her husband’s grisly remains were found in their bed.

Marcel H. Brussels Belgium Corpse

Despite the smell of the decomposing body, neighbors didn’t report anything. The discovery happened after the landlord came around to collect the rent. The authorities later arrived at the scene. It is unknown what happened next, but it is assumed that they carted way the corpse of this woman’s husband.

It is unhealthy to be around a decomposing corpse but this didn’t stop this woman from doing this. According to pathologist Philippe Boxho (from the Forensic Center of Liege) a body can mummify within a warm dry environment.

Philippe also said, that it can take upwards of a week for a body to reach such a state. As seen in the photos, his body rotted on the bed and his internal organs later melted and liquefied. This created one grotesque sight for all to see…that came to the apartment in Brussels, Belgium.

Philippe continued by saying, “This liquid would have spread and the bed would have been swarming with insects as the body rotted, this would have been a real shame.

Even though the smell of human decay is quite specific, many people equate that smell to the smell of garbage and once the body has become rotten the smell does decrease significantly.

This is not the first time I have made a discovery of this kind, I’ve been faced with two or three other occasions where people have continued to sleep with the corpse of their partner.”

The phrase “I love you to death” certainly fits this story. Losing someone is tough but remembering them is done by other ways not like this. It is bizarre but apparently happens more often than people realize.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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