Haunted hotel sets record for largest known Ouija board

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World's largest Ouija board top of roof

Located at the top of Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA is the World’s Largest known Ouija board. It has since held the official Guinness World Record (on October 28th) and is quite a sight to see. The owner contacted Guinness and the category for this, didn’t even exist yet until then.

One can only imagine, what could be channeled with something this large. Perhaps some kind of giant ghost could arrive. At this location, The Grand Midway Hotel has a long standing history of ghostly occurrences from its past. Some of these encounters include ghostly miners, prostitutes and the young spirit of a little girl, who was buried in the basement here.

The reason this was created, was because hotel owner Blair Murphy wanted something unusual to fill the top of the roof here. Naturally, an Ouija board would make a great fit! And if you are flying by, you can look down and see it from high above. (Of course, this is great advertising for the hotel and the community of only 4000 people)

World's largest Ouija board

Blair and his girlfriend Camille Zamboni stretched out the Ouija board making sure it fit just right. (They also had some help from some of their friends, during the project—which was completed back on October 28th of 2016, just in time for Halloween)

Officially, the Ouija board measures an astounding 44 feet by 29 feet long. It also includes a 10-foot planchette with wheels, which can be moved around on top of the board. Some people might not be familiar with an Ouija board, but they can be quite dangerous to fiddle with.

World's largest Ouija board a top of Grand Midway Hotel

This board is composed of printed letters and numbers along with other signs. Together, these etchings or writings can be used to ask spirits certain specific questions, usually held during a séance.

The movable planchette (indicator) supposedly will point towards a yes or no answer or spell out someones name, a sentence or some other type of indication. Ouija boards are also know as spirit boards or talking boards. Perhaps their other name is more familiar to some people called a weegee board.

Normally, these boards are made from a flat cardboard type material or even out of wood. Due to the size and scale of The Grand Midway Hotel’s board, it had to be made differently. One can only imagine what goes in this hotel (especially during the witching hour of midnight) but this Ouija board is definitely a unique one!

(Source: Cult of Weird)

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