Trail camera captures Bigfoot in Sequoia National Forest

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Sequoia National Forest sign

An astounding video has emerged showing only a glimpse of a Bigfoot, which stumbled upon a video surveillance trail camera in the Sequoia National Forest. The location is in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. This area is populated with many giant-sized Sequoia trees, the area has 38 distinctive groves within the boundaries of the forested area.

Sequoia National Forest trees

How this video came to be, was from a police officer, truck driver and former game warden. His full name hasn’t been released, only that his first name Dan (he has worked in these industries for 20 years) The rather amazing video, shows what looks like a fury footed Sasquatch, partially seen moving around where the camera was positioned.

The camera angle does have an explanation, it was originally propped up—but the Bigfoot knocked it off from the tree it was attached to. The game trail camera, was originally setup to capture wildlife in the area and any illegal drug smugglers who were growing in remote areas. This time, something else took a foothold on the forest floor below. The video made its way onto the Sasquatch Chronicles radio show originally and has since swept its way across the internet.

Dan believes that this video is genuine and the hairy beast took moments to cover up the camera, by piling leaves around it. Dan isn’t the first one that discovered this video, as it was presented to him by a close friend and former colleague. The location of where this camera was stationed—was 27 miles in the back country of Sequoia National Forest. The camera records on a 5-10 second pulse, to conserve the SD memory card inside.

Dan said:

“I have a friend that was assigned to a government task force” he explains, “and he had a buddy who had been assigned to guerilla grows in Northern California. A guerilla grow is where the cartels grow in the furthest reaches of the forest. The further from civilization the better.”

“They brought it to me and I looked at it. It’s not conclusive but it looks like a bipedal animal. It definitely looks to me like it’s standing bipedally.” He explained. Dan further theorized that the subject in the video “purposely placed the camera in the leaf pile, grabbed handfuls of leaves and put them over top of the camera. It was like an intelligent attempt to conceal the trail cam.”

Sequoia National Forest trail

This particular area is rather rugged and only accessible by all-terrain-vehicles for that of twenty miles, after this only by foot. Several people mentioned, that the Bigfoot creatures can sense any infrared light and will purposefully avoid or attempt to dismantle them. Bigfoot have such a strong awareness of their surroundings and this is why they remain so elusive.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

Sequoia National Forest Bigfoot Trail Cam

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