Alien photographed in Bulgarian wilderness

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Alien spotted in Bulgarian wilderness

Located in Yundola, Bulgaria a rather extraordinary photograph was snapped by a hiker (while out with their friends in the forest) back in November. What was seen, was a large gray shaped alien being standing upright between several trees in the forest. It apparently moved after he took the photograph.

Alien in the Bulgarian woods

The other hikers were all startled, as they looked around trying to find it. This may be one of the closest encounters with an extraterrestrial in recent times. What the alien was doing there, is anyone’s best guess. Perhaps it was observing the party of hikers from a far. This gray colored humanoid alien was inconspicuous, as it sort of blended in with the surrounding forest area.

The area of Yundola, is located between the mountains of Rila and Rhodoppe near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This particular area is a fairly popular destination for hikers in this region. When the hiker took the photo, they noticed the alien creature slyly moving behind a larger tree, before disappearing into the wilderness. The person who took the photo, had an unobstructed view of the humanoid creature. It is assumed the other hikers, didn’t notice the alien initially.

Bulgarian hikers spot alien in woods

Looking at the photograph, the alien does appear to be quite tall. After zooming closer in on the photo, the perspective makes it appear more obvious to this group of hikers. Comparably, this gray colored alien creature, has a resemblance to other large shaped aliens—also seen in Argentina and Australia.

Alien photographed in Bulgaria wilderness

Whether or not this is deemed real, is another story. The photograph of this alien does however seem rather unusual by appearance. As always, people are finding this to be a fake news report. Some think that a second alien being can be spotted as well. The second one is located off to the right, seen first in the photograph.

The other alien is seen slightly left further off in the trees. It is during this moment captured that the alien is photographed peeking out from behind the tree line. A head shape is seen that resembles other grey aliens filmed around the world. These are considerably larger, yet they also seem to have the same color skin and features.

This alien creature, has the typical dark eyes and elongated body dimensions demonstrated in movies and reported encounters. The body is slender and frail looking. There doesn’t appear to be any nose, ears or mouth seen from the quality of the photograph. Perhaps these aliens can communicate other ways such as telepathically. Regardless, this photo is rather intriguing to look at.

(Source: Altered Dimensions)

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