Phantom spirit has sex with Jewish men

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Originally, this story was presented by a user named Goy Ishah from YouTube. What has transpired throughout the Jewish community, is a ghostly series of sexual experiences. From what is known, a mysterious raven haired phantom frequently would not only watch, but sexually advance herself upon men until they were well into their 60’s.

Who she was originally (while she was alive) is unknown, it seems she has either a fetish for men of this faith and heritage, or some other reason for doing these sexual acts to them.

This strange phenomena is apparently gender specific and multi-generational by scope. This may well be a concocted story of someones fantasy, but if it is paranormal, it is interesting as well. There have been other sexual encounters reported previously regarding ghosts and spirits.

Raven haired ghost

The phenomena in question, are a series of visitations which happen to one man throughout his lifetime. The lady who reported about this from YouTube, mentioned that all of the males on her husbands side of the family—have come to refer to these encounters as: “The Raven Haired Lady”. Back in 2008, this mysterious ghostly entity came up in conversation, as the family got together in their backyard drinking and eating around a large fire pit.

She mentioned how her and the rest of the wives—were also looking after the children inside the house during this time. The woman and her husband began their marriage on rocky terrain. Her husband and his family are Jewish, his grandfather was a very strict traditionalist and was completely opposed to their marriage. The wife is a Gentile (not of Jewish birth) and the pairing of such couples, is typically forbidden.

This mans wife went to bring the men some drink back outside that same day. When she wandered over, she overheard the Jewish men talking about these series of visitations, which typically started at puberty. This feminine phantom spirit, would not only partake but watch the men have sex with their wife as well throughout their life.

The encounters ranged from simply watching, to full-on sexual advances. This mysterious raven haired ghost woman never speaks but seems to use a sort of empathy towards the men. Perhaps she can simply project these empathetic signals to them. This same raven haired woman is described as being quite tall and lanky in stature.

Dark haired ghost

This woman’s husband stands 6’3″ and this ghostly entity is only slightly shorter than her husband. Further descriptions of the ghost, include it having long flowing hair that comes down to her mid-thigh in length. Her piercing emerald green eyes seem to gaze right through you. The white part of her eyes at times seemed to dampen to dark black. The clothing this ghost had on was described as being decorative, and reached down towards her ankles.

Often seen wearing a dress of sorts, it appeared to be loosely fitting and flowing from the gentle breeze blowing throughout the room. She also had no shoes on and her facial features were eerily perfect in appearance. She was beautiful and proportionate.

The features of her face were angular including her cheekbones and her nose which was sharp and distinctive. Her eyebrows angled upward, her lips were painted red, her skin was smooth and porcelain-like by appearance. How she moved throughout the room and often towards the bed was very fluid. Definitively she was no longer human if she was once before.

It was as if she was able to glide around where she was. The ghostly woman was compared to that of drawings seen in Japanese depictions in their classical art style. In Jewish mythology, there is a figure known as Lilith which dates back to the early Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries CE).

Perhaps whatever this phantom woman is, could be demonic by nature instead more comparable to that of a succubus of sorts. The ghost had no fatigue, marks on its skin, or any other sort of anomalies which were noted. The wife however found it not to be a threat to her relationship. Maybe more details will be revealed about this one day in the future.

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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