Pleiadian aliens visit Lecco, Italy

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Perhaps one of the most compelling UFO sightings in history has come to light over top of northern Italy in named Lecco. Unmistakably, this alien spacecraft is seen hovering in the sky about 31 miles from Milan. It is believed to be a ship used by aliens which are known as Pleiadians.


They are also called Pleiades aliens or Nordic aliens. These are an extraterrestrial race of beings from the planet Erra. This planet actually orbits the star 10-Tauri (Taygeta). The appearance these UFO ships have is stunning to look at, much like their believed planet. Both have been described as being both beautiful and dazzling in appearance.


These aliens actually resemble humanoids and are much like us in appearance physically. They are comparable to Scandinavians with fair hair and skin. Their height, weight (and age) would vary to some degree as well. How many of them exist is anyone’s best guess.


The UFO photos seen were taken by a local man named Giuseppe Filipponi. He later uploaded them on Facebook. It seems these have captured the attention of many people. What is their reason for being here? Are they about to intervene with our world? The usual doubters have deemed these photos as mere weather deformations. But this is certainly not so.


Clearly the ship can be seen and is something foreign to our world. Dating back to August of 2016, Italy has suffered from natural disasters such as earthquakes. Other quakes are happening around the world as well. Known as fracking, the process involves injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., to force openings of existing fissures thereby extracting oil or gas. As you can imagine, this is seriously bad for our planet. One earthquake in Italy was estimated to be the strongest quake in over half a century.


The arrival of this UFO perhaps is significant, as it is also believed that these aliens have previously visited Earth before during crucial times in our history. With the USA election and other worldly events happening such as terrorism, perhaps they are here to help us follow a better path. They have been deemed as being benevolent towards human beings. They are assumed to have noble intentions towards us and have been monitoring humanity for quite some time. We can only imagine what they think of us and what we have done.


With this recent UFO sighting in Lecco, their concern for us must be high during this moment in time. How many spacecrafts such as this are currently hovering in our skies is unclear. But with these photos, we can now see that something positive is on the horizon for humanity.


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