Statue of Jesus opens eyes

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Jesus statue split

Perhaps this is a sign of the times. In Mexico, at a church located in the state of Coahuila de Zaragoza a supernatural moment seemed to have happened. The eyes of Jesus seemingly opened on camera. It can’t be explained and people are wondering why this did happened.

One can speculate this was done with a remote device and completely staged. It would be a hoax taken way too far. A number of paranormal investigators have flooded to the area and examined the video footage. The eyes may well be nothing more than an optical illusion. However, this could be something else more sinister. There are demonic forces at work and their agenda is to control the thinking of mankind.

Jesus Statue

A paranormal investigator named Ivan Escamilla from the site Adimensional was the first origination of this story. The video continues to be examined and so far more than 20 specialists including priests are perplexed at what they had seen. It has yet to be determined, whether or not this has been officially altered. Many feel this is the real deal and is completely authentic. An Argentinian newspaper called El Ancasti were one of the first sources to have received video footage.

While the video is slightly shaky and the quality isn’t the best, you can see the eyes actually open. Could there be a spirit which possessed this statue of Jesus Christ? It can be perceived as an actual miracle of sorts by those who are religious. The eyes of Jesus look rather creepy while they are open. How many people actually witnessed this moment is still unclear.

There have been many claimed miracles such as this. People often seek attention and their claim to fame. But sometimes things walk a fine like between being real and not. Maybe this time the line is a bit more blurry. Believe it or not, it is intriguing to say the least. The community is certainly shaken by this event and while some Mexican people simply dismiss this as nonsense others believe it to be a miracle of sorts.

What is interesting is that so many people quickly want to debunk such things. As an example the Australian YouTube channel “Australian Phenomena” had no trouble finding or conjuring up evidence to make the video seem completely fake. They break down the video piece by piece to sway viewers in the direction of doubt.

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