The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage

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It is one of the most controversial videos of Bigfoot ever. This footage was taken back in October 20th, 1967 capturing what appears to be a large hairy beast walking on two legs. Known as a Sasquatch, a name given to a crypt-id ape- or hominid-like creatures. These creatures fall under the realm of Cryptozoology. They have still not been proven or if actual real evidence has been found, it has been covered up by various sources. There are many who believe these humanoids inhabits different forests areas.

Bigfoot may well be a hidden protector of the wilderness. There are areas in which no human has set afoot. The sheer amount of encounters claimed over time—only further fuels speculation. Simply people choose to believe in them or not. What apparently happened back in 1967, was nothing more than mere randomness. This encounter happened at Bluff Creek when the late Roger Patterson (February 14, 1933 – January 15, 1972) captured on camera an incredible sight. Robert “Bob” Gimlin also witnessed this encounter who is still alive at age 83.

bluff creek

The area of Bluff Creek is nestled some 25 miles north-west of Orleans, California. There are reports of scientists who disbelieve the existence of Bigfoot. To them, it is nothing more than folklore and most of these supposed sightings are just a hoax. Most of their beliefs are from no real physical evidence. That being said, there are many footprint castings which have been taken over time. This 1967 film footage was captured by a Cine-Kodak K-100 camera. John Napier is a Primatologist. He mentioned: “If the movie was filmed at 24 frame/s then the creature’s walk cannot be distinguished from a normal human walk.”

patternson Bigfoot

Roger Patterson mentioned that he was 25 feet away from the Bigfoot when he first laid eyes upon it. His horse reared up into the air after seeing and/or smelling the unknown figure. It took him roughly 20 seconds to dismount and gather his camera from his saddlebag. He then ran towards the Sasquatch yelling out: “Cover me” to Robert “Bob” Gimlin. He crossed the creek on horseback riding for a brief moment. Dismounting his horse again he aimed to take a shot at the Sasquatch. Believing that his horse startled the Sasquatch, it made him miss his firing shot.

Back in 1924, a man named Albert Ostman claimed that he was kidnapped by a family of Sasquatch. Questioned and ridiculed Albert agreed to a series of lie detector tests administered by a magistrate renowned for making criminals crack under questioning. Not once did Albert fail these tests. His story was completely consistent. All of these men were ridiculed for their statements. Did these encounters actually happen? Perhaps they did.

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