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School Librarian Witnesses Cthulhu Like Creature At Work

It happened recently at one elementary school. While students and one librarian were inside their two story school, they looked out the window to see a rather strange looking figure.  This school’s library media center has very large windows, which overlook the courtyard on the first floor. The librarian explained that it is possible to

Grandfather Encounters Tall Pale Humanoid Entity In His Backyard

The experience was something one man will never forget. He was unsure what to make of this thing. It seemed to be about eight feet tall and was pale white by its appearance.  This rather unusual encounter, was posted by u/BuckeyeBrute on Reddit about 2 months ago. They explained that their grandfather lives in a

The Grafton Monster Of West Virginia

One rather bizarre and unexplained encounter, has since sparked other sightings. The first event took place in Grafton, West Virginia. In more recent times, The Grafton Monster, was allegedly recorded on the television series, Mountain Monsters on Destination America. This mysterious creature, has been also featured in the 2018 Fallout 76 video game as well. 

Canadian Man Captures An Ogopogo On Camera

The sight may left some people unsettled but while Jim La Rocque was at Skaha Lake with his family, he noticed something quite unusual after hearing a swooshing sound. Quickly, he picked up his phone and recorded an unexplained ripple of waves seen in the water. Quite possibly, he may have recorded a partly exposed