Sasquatch spotted and recorded by Todd Standing

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Bigfoot captured on video

An incredible video shows what appears to be a Sasquatch captured on video. The infamous man behind the lens is Bigfoot hunter and enthusiast Todd Standing. His legitimacy is in question regarding the protectors of the forest known as Bigfoot.

Many people have wondered for years—whether or not Sasquatch (Bigfoot) actually exists. This video footage, is some of the best ever captured to date seen on video since the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Since the American folklore tales started about them, these simian-like creatures have been documented as protectors of nature. The native Americans have also mentioned tales about them. The Sasquatch are powerful creatures, with great size and strength.

Typically, they have been reported about in the Pacific Northwest. However, other sightings have been reported about from around the world as well. They have been described as large, hairy, bipedal humanoids.

Bigfoot captured on video 8 feet tall

These popularized Cryptids, are a part of folklore in the United States as well as in Kwakwaka’wakw mythology, and Salishan oral narratives. Todd Standing has mentioned on videos, that he has known about a secret valley located between the border of the United States and Canada called “Sylvanic”.

According to him, the locals within these regions refer to this area with the name “Sylvanic”. The word “Sylvan” refers to anything associated with the woods; wooded. Todd mentioned that he once encountered a group of Bigfoot creatures while out exploring on a past expedition. Todd has been doing this for over 20 years, roaming around back country on the lookout for the fabled Sasquatch creatures.

Todd Standing the Bigfoot hunter

Todd Standing has previously been a part of a film released back in 2006 titled “Sylvanic”. The premise of this film is about five teens, who go out into a remote location within the Rocky Mountains and were never seen or heard from again.

This has led some people to believe his discoveries are not genuine, but a mere series of different hoaxes. His credibility isn’t completely damaged however. But the blending of legitimate research and discovery work with animatronic blinking heads and digital manipulation—has made some people wonder.

Bigfoot 8 feet 6 inches tall captured on video by Todd Standing

What is seen on this video, is rather exciting to watch and a number of people desperately want this to be real. The chase for the Bigfoot creatures is something that has fascinated people around campfires for ages. Todd mentioned that this creature stood an astounding 8′ 6 feet tall.

The series by Survivor man’s Les Stroud was released back in 2014, creating a buzz of sorts about Todd and his explorations. Todd has a YouTube channel with more videos which can be seen.

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