The Little Ghostly One

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David’s girlfriend Becky was falling asleep while driving through Prescott, Arizona. The window was rolled down a bit, to help keep a gentle breeze flowing through their car.

David was determined to finish their journey down a narrow highway road. Around them outside, was a combination of forest and meadows all around. 

It was a Friday and Becky was called into work at the very last minute. They ended up leaving around 8:00 that night. They didn’t want to wait around another day and lose more time before getting back to work on Monday. Most of Saturday was going to be spent on the road.

By the time 10:00 came around, it became quite dark outside. The headlights of the car were just enough to brighten up the road ahead. On this night, there was a full moon. It made seeing some details easier as they passed by different areas.

Not long after, David noticed some smoke coming from the sides of his car hood. This happened from time to time, because the car was around 15 years old. It was dented up a bit and some of the parts were wearing out. 

David decided to pull over and check out what was happening. He nudged Becky and explained what was happening. She was groggy from the journey. Both of them pull over alongside the road in the middle of nowhere.

They found the entryway of what looked like a dirt road. Becky then peered out the window and looked around the pine trees. She then said, “Up there,” she exclaimed, pointing forward, “about twenty feet or so there’s a dirt shoulder of some kind.”

The car came to a crawl hault. There was nobody else around as they hadn’t noticed any other cars around for miles. David noticed the dirt road area, was about the width of several cars side by side.

This unmarked road was surrounded by trees on each side. It gave off the appearance of a half circle as if it were cut down the middle of this road. David then pulled over the car turning it off with the keys still left in the ignition.

David proceeded to get out of the car and wander around towards the front of it. He popped open the hood and reached for his flashlight from the glovebox. Inspecting everything, he looked for damage to the vehicle.

Sure enough, the radiator overheated. When he went down to look between the opening of where the hood was and the front windshield, David asked Becky to get a jug of water inside the car. He thought this might help cool down the car a bit.

Then David noticed the expression of Becky’s face. She was as white as a ghost. Her mouth was open in astonishment. She then pointed with her arm in the direction she was facing.

There stood a small translucent-white stocky humanoid form. It was about three feet tall. It’s eyes were as black as night and it seemed to be hovering in place not far from the couple, it even seemed to have sharp teeth. After a few moments, it appeared to take a step towards them.

David screamed in terror and fiddled with his flashlight even though the batteries were kind of low. He was excited and scared it seemed. The batteries came out from the flashlight, as he was frantically wave it through the air. The batteries fell under the seats of the car, so he turned his attention onto this ghostly figure. He stood there frozen in fear.

Not far from where they were seemed to be a wall, this small ghostly entity appeared to climb over it as it approached them. At this point, both of them were scared out of their minds. David managed to get some water into the radiator and Becky quickly shut the hood of the car. 

Then David yelled, “Get in the car!”. The entity’s little hands gripped the top of the wall, as it seemed to hoist itself over, landing on its little feet running. They looked back in the rear view mirror, noticing this thing was still wandering towards them. 

They had trouble trying to start the vehicle and panicked. Moments later, they managed to start up the vehicle and quickly got the hell out of there. They drove through a nearby field, trying to get far away from this little ghostly one. 

Eventually, the couple found their way back to the highway road. About twenty minutes passed by and the car kept smoking along the way. The car overheated again, but this time they were near the outskirts of a nearby town.

Becky begged for David to stop and they did. It was a long night for them and they were sure to get back LONG before nightfall. This experience was something they would never forget.

(Source: Anomalien)

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