The elusive Yeti

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Known to have been sighted throughout various parts of the world including: Nepal, Bhutan, China, Mongolia and Russia. These large ape-like cryptid creatures stand at least average human height. Some of them have been reported to be larger and stronger according to different legends and lore.


An American television crew claimed to have discovered large Yeti tracks not far from Mount Everest. The show is Destination Truth which aired on the Syfy channel. This aired back in November of 2015 of last year. The reports showed footprints measuring a whopping 13 inches long.


The people who live in the Himalayas were skeptical about Josh Gates (lead paranormal hunter) who made claims from the show. Many believe these tracks were made by mountain bears. The area is also known for the largest mountain in the world (Mount Everest). It brings a number of tourists each year and those who are brave enough to climb to the peak. Many have died trying so far totally over 280. Injuries are also quite common.


The Yeti creature has remained rather elusive over the years, as nobody to date has been able to capture one even on camera. They have become a part of folklore much like the Bigfoot creatures. However, many have claimed to have encountered one or the other at different locations. Many paranormal enthusiasts and Bigfoot hunters have made it their mission to find one and prove that they do exist. Often they have been portrayed with white fur coats but others have seen darker brown coloring’s.


Trying to track a Yeti in the snow can be a difficult thing. With snowfall and treacherous terrain this makes things even more difficult. Like the Bigfoot some people believe these are guardians of nature and should not be reckoned with. Of course there must be female yeti as well. There is a reason why they remain elusive. Also, the yeti is known by other names including: Abominable Snowman, Migoi and Meh-teh et al.


The Lepcha people an indigenous people of Sikkim numbered between 30,000 and 50,000 in the previous 19th century. They believed and worshiped a “Glacier Being” as their God of the Hunt. It is believed these were Yeti. These beliefs were pre-Buddhist by some of the Himalayan people.

Have these creatures been driven away from encroaching societies? The Yeti like the Bigfoot seek solitude with nature as they are a part of it. Perhaps conclusive evidence will turn up one day about the Yeti. As for now it is anyone’s best guess where they might turn up next.

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