The Screaming Ghost photo

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This eerily chilling photo, shows a tragic tortured soul, trying to move onward into the afterlife. This fatal accident occurred back in 1984, at Hyde Park golf course located in Minnesota. There were four teenagers, who were on their way to a rock concert. Foggy, wet road conditions…led them to this tragic moment.

Their 4-wheel-drive vehicle, hit a curve suddenly…which sent them into a group of trees. One girl survived, along with several teenage boys. However, the 16 year old driver, was not so lucky. Seen in the photograph, is the last moment of this young man’s life.

Image: The Screaming Ghost photo/Big Picture Agency Inc.

Image: The Screaming Ghost photo/Big Picture Agency Inc.

Standard procedure during this time, was for officers to document accidents such as these. One officer didn’t expect to capture a photo, that has remained a mystery for 34 years. Nobody can explain this rationally. It isn’t photoshopped and an authentic capture. This is believed to be one of the greatest ghostly photos, ever taken with a 35mm film camera. Back at the St. Paul Police Department, Officer Brian Coyle and his partner were one of the first ones to arrive at the scene.

Officer Coyle ended up taking several more photographs of the crash site. As Officer Coyle wandered the scene, he noticed the fourth teenager who was wedged inside the car under the dashboard. Later, the photos were developed which continue to perplex those who have seen the haunting photograph. Someone from the Film Property Room, at the police department mentioned that Officer Coyle and others should take a look at the photos from this accident.

This photo, shocked all of the officers when they first glanced at it. Looking above the driver side door, appeared to be both the head and the shoulders of a young man. His face appears to be contorted, displaying an open-mouthed scream.

Image: The Screaming Ghost car photo/Big Picture Agency Inc.

Image: The Screaming Ghost car photo/Big Picture Agency Inc.

This led to speculation, if the young man was experiencing his final few moments here in this lifetime. In disbelief, the officers were amazed at what they had seen. Officer Coyle noted, that there were things in these photos that were not seen while at the crash site when they were taken.

Several of the photos taken, had both red and yellow light streaks in them. Most notably, is the face seen above the driver side door, screaming in absolute terror. None of the officers, had any logical explanations at what was in the photographs.

Seen in another image within one of the photographs, was what appeared to be a Labrador dog sitting. It seemed to be translucent type of figure. The dog was a Chocolate Lab, it was the deceased teen’s pet that passed away before the crash.

It is believed that his dog, was sent to escort him into the afterlife, much like a spirit guide of sorts. This also may prove that animals have souls as well. The young teenage boy died that December two days after Christmas.

These photos were taken, before more elaborate technology was readily available. The photos, remain a haunting reminder, of how little time it is we have upon this Earth.

(Source: Seeks Ghosts)

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