Boy films Bigfoot in his backyard

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An 11 year old boy used his video camera to capture an apparent Bigfoot in his backyard. This occurred back on October 16th of 2010. Since it was originally posted online, it has remained one of the best Bigfoot sighting videos to date. It is unknown the exact location this took place, but it is located near the woods somewhere in America.

Bigfoot in backyard

The video starts off with a young boy opening their window and videotaping a large humanoid ape-like creature. The boy’s sister then yells out the window “Hey Bigfoot!” which seems to startle the creature. Heard at some point in the video is “Yes! Yes! We got Bigfoot on camera! We got it, we got it!” it is assumed that this is the boys sister saying this.

Noah Jackson is the believed name of the boy spoken by his mother. Jackson can be heard snickering with excitement. He then yells out “Woohoo!” early in the beginning part of the video.

Bigfoot in backyard by tree

This video gives enough detail to see, some the dimensions of the beast. Some noteworthy features include it having unusually long arms, a gray coloring on the bottom of its hands, Ostman’s pads are seen on both the bottom and the sides of its feet as well. Another distinctive feature which can be seen includes the Bigfoot having a large cranial cone shaped head.

This Bigfoot physically looks to be quite strong from the distance. It almost immediately goes into a tree-peek type position and pulls on a tree seen in the video. The Bigfoot creature then retreats after being spotted by the boy and his mother and sister. The Bigfoot is seen, displaying a knock-kneed inline step as it moves. It’s feet twist in an up step, as it uses both of its feet to maneuver around the forest floor.

Bigfoot in boys backyard

As with many of these sightings, a Bigfoot walks in an upright position. They are agile comparable to that of a monkey or ape, but similar to humans in some of their movements and mannerisms. Each year there are hundreds of Bigfoot sightings which occur. Many of them are thought to be fake or completely staged. However, there are a few of them that are questionable and this video is one of them.

Nonetheless, this video proves to be one of the best recorded moments of a Bigfoot encounter. The quality was before the time of cell phones and more. Nowadays, with everyone having a cell phone it seems, at some point someone out there is going to capture the best video yet—to give undeniable proof of these mythological type creatures and their existence.

Bigfoot Tony from YouTube gives his breakdown about this video seen here.

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