Canadian family films Bigfoot alongside roadway

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Apparently, a family from Canada, were all out for a country drive in Craven, Saskatchewan. This area is located northeast of Lumsden, Saskatchewan in the Qu’Appelle Valley. The location resides between the remote rural municipalities of Longlaketon No. 219 and Lumsden No. 189.

There aren’t too many people who live out here, with a population of just under 240 people. The area is known for its country music festival, called the Craven Country Jamboree. The area of Craven, was originally founded back in 1882 by Colonel Stone. This settlement was first named Sussex which was first located about half a mile east from its present location.

Village of Craven sign

As this family was driving down the roadway, they noticed something quite unusual happening. Glancing out the window, they looked over to see what appeared to be a large Bigfoot creature wandering just off the road.

The sheer size and scale of this thing, was quite massive. The video was later analyzed by numerous different sources. Many of them believe this is very real, while others have simply laughed it off as mere nonsense.

Craven Bigfoot

The family recorded this biped creature walking along a hill beside the road. To their surprise, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing with their own eyes. The video shows enough of this Bigfoot, to see its conical head and one of its long arms—reaching out seen during one segment of the video.

With Bigfoot sightings, they are often be misinterpreted as something else. This video, is one of the more compelling videos ever seen before. It is quite possible, this is someone dressed up in a gorilla suit, however they do move convincingly well, to make one think otherwise.

From what is known, the family captured only this amount of footage with their camera. The Bigfoot is seen wandering way. Fearing for their safety, the family elected to stay in their car, as they recorded this large hairy humanoid wandering back towards nature.

Craven Bigfoot video

One viewer mentioned, that they have hunted in the area of Qu’Appelle river valley region, near Craven where this Bigfoot sighting took place. They said the animals here, need to traverse through the open farm land, to reach shelter. There is a sparseness of trees, which only covers parts of the southern area of Saskatchewan as well.

This would make it difficult for something of this size, to not be seen from a greater distance away—with the rolling plain hillsides within the area. Outside of the valleys, there are fewer trees here with wide open flat agricultural fields.

The valleys also do not connect to one another, as they remain isolated from one another. Sasquatch have been known to hide in plain sight or just off the beaten path before. It is indeed possible, that this is real evidence of a Bigfoot caught on camera and is certainly quite compelling to watch.

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