Half-sized Bigfoot’s triggered by Oregon portal

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A rather bizarre encounter, allegedly took place in July of 2000. A Dr. Matthew Johnson, has discussed his personal experience, after dealing with a Bigfoot sighting, that is indeed quite peculiar. Johnson is a psychologist who has worked in the Mental Health Field since 1982 in a variety of treatment settings.

Many skeptics and those within the Bigfoot community, believe he is delusional. The good doctor, came forward with his encounter that happened at Oregon Caves National Park. This area is located in the southern part of Oregon.

Dr Matthew Johnson Bigfoot

The media came to him for interviews and his story later made a splash within cryptozoology circles. The following year in 2011, Dr. Matthew said some really interesting things. What he said about these half-sized Bigfoot’s is really wild. Perhaps this may explain why these creatures have remained so elusive for so long. They may be extraterrestrials, able to teleport between points upon the Earth.

Dr. Johnson developed what he called SOHA (Southern Oregon Habituation Area). This is where he began to study Sasquatch that were thought to inhabited the area. The doctor has continuously tried to provide some sort of proof, for many years.

Dr Matthew Johnson Bigfoot print

Accidentally, several men set off a portal, while they were out in the wilderness with the doctor. It happened back in 2014. Dr. Johnson hand picked some researchers to assist him on his hunt for Bigfoot. Veteran researchers Adam Davies and John Carlson led assistance to the exploration. The real hope, is to find this inter-dimensional portal of sorts, that allows these Bigfoot to travel unnoticed.

John [Carlson] and Adam [Davies] accidentally triggered and opened up a portal. Out of the portal came about 3 foot tall, two of them, guardians of the portal.” –Dr. Matthew

Dr. Johnson has previously released an audio recording, where he commentaries about Bigfoot. In the recording, Johnson describes these Bigfoots having glowing eyes, seen after they have left a inter-dimensional portal. Johnson believes, he has proof of the Bigfoot using these portals. This only further explains, why they are so difficult to track down.

All of this simply defies rational explanation. However, there is much that mankind doesn’t know about. While this belief is an interesting one, it hasn’t been disproven yet. Perhaps more researchers and Bigfoot hunters, can transverse through the area to re-open this portal and possibly get better documentation about these half-sized Bigfoot beings.

Dr Matthew Johnson Bigfoot sighting

Dr. Johnson released an audio clip as well – regarding the entire incident, which can be heard below. The photograph seen, is believed by many to be nothing more than a bear. It’s snout appears to be well defined one person said. Johnson has a website where you can purchase his book as well found here.

(Source: Crypto Sightings)

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