Occultist’s wife brings malevolent spirit to her friends home

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When something evil seems to seep into your life, there isn’t much you can do about it. This time around, a woman invited in the wrong person in, who brought with them something very bad which lingered around her and the rest of her family.

She was both terrified and traumatized by this paranormal experience. It is something that she suppressed for around 30 years. The television series Paranormal Survivor, created a reenactment sequence “Don’t Invite Them In”. It is based upon an interview with Kat Larstone as she shared her story.

Kat Larstone story Paranormal Survivor

Kat Larstone story Paranormal Survivor

The show demonstrates what happened to her, after meeting a woman named Maria—whom she didn’t really know all that well to begin with. Actress Tracy Tiefenbach, portrays Kat Larstone and Maria was played by Bo Martyn. This episode presents a clear cut picture of misfortunate events, that led up to all of this happening. The show first aired on January 24th, back in 2015.

(Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you intent to watch the episode first found below)

All of this started, when Kat first opened her door to Maria. One day, she invited Maria and she began explaining everything that was happening to her. All of it seemed surreal at first and simply unbelievable. Maria explained that her husband had joined a cult. When Maria became pregnant, her husband made an appalling confession.

He went on to explain, that they had to leave the area as he did something really, really bad. Maria’s husband told her, that he had promised their child (a son) to the occult. The boy was to be sacrificed for some kind of satanic ritual. It took Kat a while, to mentally process what Maria had told her. She simply couldn’t believe all of this at first.

Maria didn’t really believe that her or her baby, were in any kind of danger. All of this changed 8 months earlier, during her husbands birthday party—just after the baby had been born. Maria realized that she had been drugged and that here were people all around her…all dressed in black robes.

Hooded skull face occult

Maria was aware that some kind of fight took place before she passed out. When she gained consciousness again momentarily, she noticed a bloody knife in the sink. She continued to stagger around the room and then started washing the knife and didn’t know why she was even doing it.

To her horror, she glanced over to see her husband inside an industrial sized garbage bag, with his arm sticking out over top of his head. His throat had been cut from ear to ear nearly decapitating him. Maria felt like she was ready to pass out again—so she made her way to the sofa and fell asleep there.

When she woke up, her husbands body was gone from the apartment. He was later discovered in a field across from where they lived. People from the funeral home, insisted that Maria’s husband committed suicide, however she knew differently.

Someone named Jordon also told Maria, that this isn’t over and that the baby was still owed to them. Kat said to Maria, “What have you involved me in?” Despite Kat’s reservations, she went ahead and invited both Maria and her child in to live with her.

This one moment, turned out to be the worst decision she made in her life. From this point onward, evening stranger things started happening in Kat’s life. Their children’s toys were randomly scattered around their house. Kat had also invited in the spirit of Maria’s now dead husband.

Pictures began randomly flying off the walls of Kat’s house and some of them were even broken. Hoping this was the last bizarre thing to happen Kat would totally be wrong. She told Maria to then leave. One day, Kat was doing the dishes in her kitchen, when she smelt what she called rot and decay all around her.

Kat Larstone Paranormal Survivor

It was grossly unpleasant. She then felt her feet being slowly pulled a part. She said thing thing was going to have her. She was horrified at what was happening to her, as a breeze blew around where she was standing. The very next day, her husband noticed bruises around both her legs and waist.

Kat’s mother came to the house later and both her and her mother—witnessed a picture flying off past where they were standing. Kat was hoisted up into the air, thrown against the wall where a nail was sticking out and then dragged over top of it, with her back. She yelled out “What is going on?”.

She told her mother to go and take the kids, as she believed whatever this thing was, wanted her dead. She was forced to leave her home along with her children and stay at her mothers. Kat met with Maria one final time, trying to put an end to all of this, for her and her family.

It seemed to work, as after she met with Maria the attacks upon her finally stopped. She told Maria that she never should have brought her problems to her like she did. This case remains quite amazing and is one of the most extraordinary stories ever told, believe it or not.

Below is the entire episode that also includes several other compelling stories.

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