Southern Sasquatch encountered by several officers in Virginia

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Sasquatch in Albemarle county Virginia

Not long ago, in southern Albemarle county Virginia, a Sasquatch was spotted strolling along the banks of the Howardsville Bridge area. A photograph was taken and there is enough detail to display what appears to be a bipedal upright beast, wandering near the waters edge.

This apparently happened on Thursday July 6th not long after the 4th of July. Many people still continue to celebrate the holiday by launching fireworks in remote areas. Perhaps this Sasquatch was spooked by all the noise in this location. Seen in the photograph, the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) appears to have dark colored fur. It also appears to be rather tall, considering this photo was taken from the distance across the river.

Like many of these sightings and photographs, they are all in question. This one does prove to be interesting and the area has dense enough forests for something like this to exist in. There are many things mankind simply doesn’t understand. Often people react in extreme ways about subjects such as this. People are either going to believe or not.

More details about this incident hasn’t been mentioned yet. However, it is assumed that someone will make plaster castings of the footprints left behind. Also, they will try to find any loose hair left behind from the Sasquatch creature. Another interesting thing about this sighting is, several conservation officers from The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, were routinely on patrol—when they both spotted the Sasquatch passing by.

Sasquatch in southern Albemarle county Virginia

In a perfect scenario, there would be some kind of interaction (non-violent) with the Sasquatch. It is easy to assume and think about what someone would do in this particular situation. Most people would either freeze up or run away. However, those brave enough…might try to document or even interact with something such as this.

Although not released yet, the officers actually have video proof from the body cameras they were wearing on this day. Many would like to see this footage to see for themselves whether or not this may be legit evidence. An interview with the officers would fantastic and perhaps will happen soon with the media.

What is known, is that approximately 1:00 pm the officers encounter the Sasquatch. As mentioned, this story is still breaking and more will hopefully be learned soon about it. So far, the photo has been shared on Facebook more than 74,000 times. If anyone has any further information, please contact us.

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