Huge Pyramid Shaped Object Moves By Itself Along Bottom Of The Ocean

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Whatever it is, nobody knows for sure. It however has become a debate since it was first discovered online by UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring. This is one of the more intriguing discoveries made recently. 

mystery pyramid moves in ocean

This huge shaped pyramid seemingly moved about 404 miles from its original spotted location under the ocean, a ways off from the coast of Japan. It is unknown what its purpose is but speculations are it could be part of a government experiment or something more alien of origin. 

With recent developments about UFOs being recorded in the sky by the United States Airforce, one might wonder if visitors from another world are already here and the governments of the world have begun working with or for them. If this is some kind of alien craft of sorts, then it may be far more innocent such as an observation like tourism. Earth certainly has its marvels and why wouldn’t species from other worlds find our planet interesting to observe. 

While Waring suggested that this underwater alien vessel may have landed upon our world centuries earlier, we can only assume the pyramid has other purposes. Another theory is, this might be some kind of lost ancient creature that lurks deep down below the ocean waters. 

It would be the largest living thing ever discovered as a living organism of sorts. When it arrived or how long it has been here is anyone’s best guess. Some think other underground civilizations actually exist beneath from what we know or have discovered ourselves. Statistically, only a mere 5% of the Earth has been explored and charted. Most of the Earth is water but what exists in it might unlock further answers to our civilization as well. 

Could this large pyramid shaped object be a time capsule with ancient secrets or knowledge stored away inside it? If so, then more knowledge is ready to be had but one can only wonder the cost.

For those interested, the Google map coordinates are: 38°57’1.69″N  148°29’27.85″E

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