Unidentified Figure Climbs Hallstatt Ice Cave In Austria

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This location has remained a tourist area for quite some time. It is located in Krippenstein Peak at the Alps’ Dachstein Mountain Range. This ancient area of wonderment, has an ice cave which is nearby Hallstatt, Austria. 

To reach this area, one must take a bus or drive about 3 miles away from Hallstatt. The entire experience takes between 3 to 3.5 hours to finish. This includes the bus ride, cable car and the hike itself. There are only so many ice caves where tourists can frequent through. Perhaps this is why this location has remained a fascination for so many.

While one vacationer was here, they happened to record a mysterious figure climbing along one of the walls inside the cave. This figure appears to have a glow about them, as it scales up the side of the caverns.

This ice cave is around 4,500 feet in size and what is known as 5 Fingers is 6890 feet in length. The 5 Fingers Lookout, will let you dangle high over the mountain’s edge getting a better view of this place.

Some were convinced this was some kind of frog scaling inside the cave. However, many do not believe this. They think this is comparable to “The Rake” creature described in many paranormal eye witness reports over time. 

From the zoomed in distance of the video, this mystery figure doesn’t seem to be a kind of animal. It is far larger, based upon its size and from where the camera zooms in. This likely could be a person with a pack on (scaling the wall) but the figure moves rather awkwardly. 

A number of people are convinced this is some kind of ghostly figure. But this is speculation as well. One commenter said at around 1:53, the camera pans left and above the ice block in the middle another figure can be seen at the top. Others think it is a demon of some sort. Ever since this video was released it has remained quite the mystery. Most certainly, this figure is interesting to see.

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