Witness Reports Someone Being Picked Up By UFO At O’Hare International Airport

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While there are many unusual things that happen in the world, sometimes there are moments that really leave you wondering what is really going on. A witness happened to see something really weird in Chicago. Many times bizarre events like these happen in remote areas. This was at a large airport, where many others would have likely seen this as well. 

Although there is no video footage publicly released, airport security cameras would have recorded something like this. Questions remain whether or not this was covered up for obvious reasons.

Image: Matthew Turner / Pexels

The anonymous witness reported seeing this on January 23rd, 2020, at about 1 am. The unknown man said there was a “brilliant blue light” beaming towards the ground. Then a person there appeared to be taken aboard some kind of spacecraft of sorts. The object in question was egg-shaped descriptively. 

According to this man’s report:

“I was outside taking a smoke break and was on the phone with my girlfriend when I saw this thing pass over me. It was completely silent but it was also extremely bright, as it passed over shafts of light coming from this thing and going to the ground. It was moving very, very fast and then stopped right above that old cemetery that sits inside the airport. Then a brilliant blue light came from this thing toward the ground. It looked like someone was shining a super-bright spotlight down from the sky toward the ground. 

It was then that I saw something rising up toward the object and it disappeared after about 5 seconds. It looked like it was a person but I was standing too far away to get a good look at it. I can tell you that it looked a lot like a person getting sucked up into this thing. This object then rotated in place and within three seconds, this thing flew up toward the north and was gone within a second. I’m telling you man, it was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

I stood there looking as it faded out and stayed out there for a few minutes before coming back to my senses and going back inside. I work over at the [redacted for privacy] and this thing looked like it was over by the cemetery. If you want to, I will show you where it is; a lot of people don’t even know this place is out there.

This is not the first time I have ever seen things in the sky and I know that a lot of the people I work with here during the night shift have seen lots of strange things here at this airport. It seems to attract a lot of weird things.

Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse later was able to contact this unknown witness by telephone. This following is what was reported about: 

“I spoke with the gentleman who submitted the report via phone and he explained that he worked the night shift and during downtime, he would walk outside to take a smoke break,” Navarette said. “It was during one of these smoke breaks, as he was talking on his phone, that he first noticed the lights from the object that he claimed flew overhead. He claimed the object was egg-shaped and he estimated that the object was about 40 feet in diameter and about 10 to 15 feet high. The witness claimed the object was silent and was shooting rays of light toward the ground. He says he watched as it flew overhead and stopped above the Resthaven Cemetery.”

“The witness said he watched as the object hovered silently about 20 feet above the treetops for about 20 seconds before a brilliant blue light shot down from the object and hit the ground below,” he continued. “The witness then stated that he saw what looked like a person being lifted up and into the object. He could not definitively see what it was that was being lifted, but that it looked a lot like a humanoid shape. He was too far away to make a positive identification and he was too scared to approach the object and get a closer look.” 

alien UFO abduction Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Navarette said that “The witness went on to tell [me] how the humanoid that was taken aloft disappeared in the brilliance of the light and that within a second or two, the light ceased and the object began to rotate in place in a clockwise motion. The object then shot off in a northerly direction and was out of sight within a few seconds. The witness stated that he walked back into the building, not wanting to be outside anymore…[and] that he did not venture outside again until the sun had begun to rise.”

The investigator said the witness told him that those who work the graveyard shift at O’Hare “have seen many strange things during the overnight…including strange orbs, [and] lights in the sky not associated with airport activities,” but “when asked if he had seen or had heard about any flying humanoid sightings, he advised he had not.”

“The witness seemed genuine and when asked further questions did not stray from his original sighting,” added Navarette.

This isn’t the first time strange and highly unusual sightings have taken place in or around O’Hare International Airport. There have been other instances of weird sightings including but not limited to “a red-eyed flying man”, “a seven-foot-tall person with wings”, “a bat creature…running like a gorilla” and “an unknown flying human owl”. 

All of these strange phenomena have yet to be proven, but many wonder why these moments allegedly occurred at this location in particular. Perhaps there is a reason for it that might make sense later. Until then, we can only speculate for now what the heck is going on.

(Source: The Singular Fortean Society)

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