Questionable Bigfoot Footage Still Stumps Viewers

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Stunning footage was released back on January 27, 2014. This video seems to show a Bigfoot wandering off into the woods. The family seems caught off guard, as they talk amongst themselves. The location where this incident allegedly happened, was in the outskirts of Calgary.

One would think…someone else may have stumbled into this Bigfoot, as the population of Calgary is nearly at 1.3 million people.

Like any footage such as this (showing a Bigfoot) it remains quite questionable. This time however, the image is a bit more clear. Details can be seen in the distance, as a furry humanoid type creature can be seen wandering around along the Elbow River. Where the family was is in question. Surely there were more people out during this day. Is this location near a town or is it further away from society?

Bigfoot Calgary Canada 2014 Sighting

The Bigfoot seen, appears to suddenly stand up and heads back into the wilderness. Some viewers comments were most interesting. In particular, why was one little girl saying, “That is not a human.” She wasn’t provoked to say this, but perhaps she was instructed to say so? This adds doubt to the video being legitimate.

This does not appear to be a bear, it seems to move differently. The way it stands up and appears to be “walking” is quite interesting. Whatever it actually is, this beast certainly has a thickness to it.

The humanoid also seems to have long arms, along with a dense fur cone-head, typically seen in drawings of Bigfoot. When the Bigfoot begins wandering off into the forest, it seems to move much like humans do. It doesn’t appear to move like a gorilla for example.

Bigfoot Calgary Canada 2014

Many are contemplating whether or not this may be the real deal after all. This video is one of the most impressive Bigfoot videos floating around the internet.

The father clearly can be heard whispering in amazement “Wow..”. It really is something to see, Bigfoot is believed to be a protector of mankind. Some think this beast is alien by nature and even has been around before humans have.

Someone commented, “One would hope that adults would not use their children In hoaxing videos. If this is real then well done.”

When the camera pans up, the video seems to stabilize. One can only assume some kind of app was used on their phone as they recorded this. Overall, the family seems pretty calm considering what they were witnessing. This is no doubt one of the most controversial Bigfoot videos out there.

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