Small Unidentified Mummy Remains Found In Russia

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This diminutive dwarf-like doll, was discovered in Russia back in 1996, near the southern outskirts of Kyshtym in a village known as Kaolinovy. This village is located in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. 

It is unlike anything else seen before and has left many puzzled, as to what it might be. Whatever it is, the small-sized mummified remains, has been regarded as Alyoshenka. This is a shortened version of the male name Alexey. 

Alyoshenka small mummy Russia

The anthropomorphic artifact in question, is also known as the Kyshtym Dwarf. Information about this is limited but it is believed to be a biological remnant of the past. This most unusual looking specimen was found back in May of 1996. A woman there named Tamara Vasilyevna Prosvirina, is the one who found the doll-like mummy. 

Image: Tamara Vasilyevna Prosvirina

Tamara unfortunately was suffering from a mental illness. Upon this day, she went to the cemetery from a telepathic type experience. It is unknown if this was in her mind like a vision or urge to go seek out the cemetery like she frequently would. From what is understood, Tamara would often visit the cemetery, gather flowers and bring photos of the dead that were taken from the monuments to the house where was was.

Generally, Tamara intentionally didn’t mean to offend people. She didn’t understand things like others. Tamara was unafraid of dark nights prowling around cemeteries. To her, this was perfectly normal. When she went to the same cemetery that day, she recalled a small-sized creature there with large eyes. 

This thing very much resembled that of a baby. It apparently made noises as well. Tamara by this point, was an older woman and decided to take this small looking creature back with her. She wrapped it up in rags, brought it home and even began to feed it. She referred to it being her “son” and with the name Alyoshenka.

This most unusual “baby” lived with her for 3 weeks time. Not long after this, the neighbors began to suspect something strange going on. First of all, they couldn’t believe this woman could have a baby at her age. Then neighbors turned to the local doctors, they had the elderly woman locked up in a psychiatric hospital. She repeatedly cried and the “child” was left in her home unattended. 

Astonishingly, Tamara didn’t have delusions as the mysterious creature was later seen by her  daughter-in-law and a relative named Galina Alferova. Not paying attention, the neighboring women didn’t pay attention to this small-sized mystery animal.

This small thing was actually drinking water from a spoon. It also sucked on other things like caramel, curd and milk. After a while, this mystery creature ended up dying as it wasn’t being cared for. 

When the corpse of this small thing was found, it was brittled and wrinkled. Many parts of the small figure were folded. It was unlike anything else seen before. Later, numerous pathologists, and gynecologists examined this small mummy.

They proclaimed it being not human, it was something else. It looked very different, its structure and skeletal frame was unique. Certainly, there are deformations that can occur. This was not a deformation, they had no logical explanation about it. Even the skull was not human. 

A number of ufologists and other enthusiasts stated this corpse was not human. Known as “Alyoshenka”, the pint-sized remains were further passed around over time. Eventually, the remains were lost. Some believe that this was an elaborate cover-up regarding aliens or an extremely rare offspring of some kind. 

One Russian said they have the remains stored away in their own personal museum. Who this person is or where this might be is still a mystery as well. The last known location was believed to be somewhere in Yekaterinburg.

It is all but impossible to say for sure, where the remains are now. It was later revealed that this was a human fetus deformed by mysterious Soviet nuclear disaster. But many deny this as a cover-up of sorts.

(Source: Anomalien)

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