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Alien DNA in humans

You may have alien DNA

In the history of the world, there is still much which is unexplained. Perhaps one of the most puzzling questions, still has scientists baffled. With science, humans have learned there are four different blood...

Alien photograph in Argentina park

Alien being photographed at park in Argentina

In the country of Argentina, one of the greatest alien photos ever taken has been recently captured. On September 13, 2017 in the area known as Parque Miter, an upright humanoid extraterrestrial was spotted...

Alien hand SOFIA NASA's 747

Alien human-hybrid hand seen during NASA video

A promotional video was released showing inside SOFIA NASA’s 747 fully equipped flying telescope. What is seen during a portion of the video, is rather intriguing. Someone or something is there controlling one of...

Peru alien mummy recovery

Peruvian tomb robbers recover alien remains

Found in the country of Peru several years ago, was a small stature d alien looking being. This country is known for its lush rain forests. This includes Machu Picchu the ancient Incan city—located...